We exist in cosmic spsce (Concept)



I love the sky.
I take pleasure in the hues of the sky, the shape and flow of the clouds. Discovering a rainbow or the great circle of the sun is like getting a piece of good news,
and makes me rejoice.
Gazing at the stars at night, I sense the vastness of space. Upon glimpsing a
shooting star, my imagination runs wild.

That is why there is so much blue in my art.

When I was 13 or 14, I read “Phoenix” by renowned Japanese Manga artist
Osamu Tezuka. It was the omnibus edition.
At that time, one of the ideas that I picked up from this opus could be said to be
that “in cosmic outer space there is a gigantic energy source with a will of its
own, and that this has since time immemorial been influencing humankind in various
ways.” Tezuka’s work had a powerful impact on me.

Even now, when I think of the notion of cosmic space, I associate it with the ideas of an infinite realm, a vast energy, and a great presence.
We humans live an existence enveloped by this cosmic outer space.
The earth is floating in space.
The earth allows every single living thing to grow and make a living. That same earth is enveloped in cosmic space. I remember being deeply moved by this fact, and by the sense of a compassionate and benevolent energy.

And so, I draw and paint.

But that is like an ant painting an elephant…
One cannot see the whole thing. Nevertheless, one must single-mindedly and devotedly draw what is before one’s eyes.
Whether drawing the elephant’s eye or ear or a part of the elephant’s skin, the ant is aware that it is drawing an elephant.
What I am trying to express in my work is something close to this.
When I draw people, draw any kind of living creature, draw scenery, or draw a vision from my imagination, I feel that I am drawing the cosmos - space and the earth。

Why do I express myself in this way?
I am stirred and inspired by the cosmos, and hence the earth, and this is tied to a deep feeling of affection for all that exists there. 

The world is full of people, all living in so many different ways. People grow up laughing and crying, but hopefully, they can all find happiness. I really hope that all people and the other living creatures can coexist in the best way. And I strongly think that humanity will find true happiness if it makes great progress in this area. 

No doubt, the era of the cosmic is dawning.
We were all born on this earth, our wandering star, and so until now have been conscious of ourselves as earthlings.
First contact with an alien race would mean the beginnings of coexistence. Humankind would venture out into space, and build cities in the vastness of the cosmos and distant stars.
This is how my imagination runs to flights of fancy.
No doubt, the future will be even more fantastical and splendid than my hopes and dreams.

But right now, humanity faces many problems.
There is worldwide economic recession; there are environmental problems, energy issues, ethnic strife and conflicts. There is the nuclear issue. And so on. And in the midst of it all people suffer. It seems to be that everything is coming to an end. 
However, whatever the epoch, within the end is contained a new beginning.
In short, somewhere there is already a door opening on to the future. I believe for sure that this is also the dawning of a cosmic era. 

My art is a work of admiration for this world and the quest for new beginnings.




No title

そんなに 深い意味を持って 宇宙の絵を描いていたんだね・・・
私も よく思う 人間は 裸で生まれ 裸で死んでいく
どんな財産も あの世に持っていくことは出来ないのだと
 みんなと やさしく 信じあい 助け合い お互いのいいところを認め合い 幸せに暮らせたら どんなにいいかと

No title

お~い! 英語かよ(笑)。。。

I also, like the universe!
Have you studied, the natural science a long time ago,
- I might be because of that.
Also astronomical observation, there are memories that I did!


No title

yoshiさんも 絵はさらっとした感じだけど
絶対 信念を持って 生きている感じがする
画家って やっぱり そうなんだね
そうでなきゃ いい絵は 掛けないよね


Sorry,does not understand English at all.
Because, I am a French.  
Bonjour ! O・mo・te・na・si !・・・Funassyi- !?

Then, have a nice year ! See you !


私もブラック・ジャックになったろ!!っと、医大を受験したのに なぜか美大を受験してもうて・・・

あれ?なんでなん??って、ブルーになりながら 夜空を見ていたら、宇宙って ええなぁ~ ・・・

これぐらいしか、わからへんかった v-356




言葉にするのは ちょっと 照れるんですけどね

だって 絵は 見る人が感じるままでいい

また、絵の伝える力は 作者の腕次第


そんな風に思っているので だから ひたすら腕を磨こうといているんですが・・・

でも、一度ぐらい ちゃんと言葉にしてもいいかなと思った次第なんです

今 みんな 未来を描けてるのかなあ そんな風に思って


だから テンション上げていきましょう

そんな感じです (^-^)


わっちゃあ 英語ですかあ~?!・・・って、私が先に英語にしたんですけどね(^_^;)

違うんでう 違うんですv-356

これはですね 日本語文章のコンセプトを翻訳家のお友達に頼んで作っていただいたものなんです
私 英語 赤ちゃん並みですので 英語で返されてもv-356


yoshiさんのブログを拝見していると とっても綺麗な大自然の写真がいっぱいで 夜空はさぞかし美しいんでしょうねえ って 思います

天文観測 自然科学 yoshiさんにすごくぴったりな気がします

夜空の写真なんかも また アップしてくださいね









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